A couple of friends and me made something cool at the DMX workshop, using Vezér 1.3 and two addressable LED strips. credits:Andrea Sztojánovits, Gabor Borosi, Ivo Kovacs, Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Luma Beamerz, Tamás Herczeg, Réka Harsányi More about Vezér app: http://vezerapp.hu/ and http://createdigitalmotion.com/2014/05/color-and-light-vezer-timeline-software-gets-savvy-with-lighting/

The REact is a work-in-progress, interactive performance piece by AntiNode in which a DJ (Swim the Shine) and a VJ (Réka Harsányi) create a coherent audiovisual experience with real-time audience interaction. The first public demonstration of the ideas behind their exciting project took place at Kocka on 5th of April. The audience came to try out the technology and took centre stage while interacted with the visual presentation.

The main focus of the installation is brain wave controlled video screening. The data coming from the sensor is divided into six parts (from the relaxed to the focused state of attention), and assigned to six video-loops. The intensity of the brain waves in the given zones control the layered and cross-faded alpha channels of the video-loops.