Ego-Wold, biofeedback perfromance, 2015 This performance is based on ECG biosensor, what measures the pulse of the dancer.These data are visualised realtime while the performer dances, generated graphics are mixed with prerecorded videos as a vj-act on the stage. It is created by both of the dancer and the VJ. The beats affects the projection on the sphere. credits: conception_visuals_and_programming_by Réka Harsányi; dance and choreography_by Nadia Abdulwahab; music_by Gábor Borsos;   @ Connected Bodies Team: Work In Progress: biogolyo-teszt-01 from Reka Harsanyi on Vimeo.  

Connected Bodies Audience involved and biofeedback based generative audiovisual istallation credits: concept, visuals and programming: Réka Harsányi coreography: dance: Nadia Abdulwahab and sound: Gábor Borsos and Gábor Deutsch The concept I’d like to involve the audience to take part in and create an interactive audiovisual experiment. Some of the visitors get a sensored glove to wear, what measure their pulse and sweat in their hands. These data gives the base sound of the installation. There is a projected area on the floor, where the visitors can walk and by their movement they can controll and manipulate the generated projected visual. The physical distance of the visitors to each other are also importanant datas those operate the real-time physics simulation. I realize an abstract screening. It visualizes the resonance between peoples as their movement indicates a flow of vibration between two things, in this case two or more people. Of course […]

ARTUS // 2015.07.23. // 21.00   A Broken Z egy közös mexikói-magyar alkotói együttműködés eredménye, Giovanni Adrián Ortega Pérez (MX), Bakó Tamás táncművészek, Harsányi Réka, Szűcs Réka vizuális művészek közös munkája.   Az előadás korunk ellentmondásos, tört helyszíneire visz. Mi az, ami eltörött? Minden, vagy csak az, ahogyan a dolgokat látjuk? Az egyestés performanszok és installációk arra keresik a választ, miként lehet ma Magyarországon alkotni vagy élni.   Alkotók, előadók, közreműködők: Manuel Badás (ESP), Bakó Tamás, Bardon Barnabás, Bernáth Atom Tamás, Bőhm Dániel, Harsányi Réka, Holczer Miklós, Kovács András E., Giovanni Adrián Ortega Pérez (MX), Reynaldo Martínez Santiago (MX), Szabó Gábor HSC, Szarvas Ádám, Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán, Szilas Szilárd, Szűcs Dóra Ida, Szűcs Réka, Vándor Csaba, Várhegyi Rudolf HAES, Várnai Péter, a Durban University of Technology hallgatói   Támogatók: 4CUT, Apodosz Alapítvány, Artus, Bőhm Stúdió, Durban University of technology, ELTE Társadalomtudományi Kar, Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem Doktori Iskola, Mediaware, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap   Köszönet: […]

at AVOS Budapest Mapping workshop 02.2013

touch and projection based interactive installation 2012, 2015

Interactive projected installation 2015 @FKSE in collaboration with Veronika Romhány and Tamás Juhász.   Collective rug interactive installation 2015 from Reka Harsanyi on Vimeo.     Documentation   Video by Benedek Bognár and Zsuzsanna Simon  

interactive sound installation (2015) @ Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary Created in collaboration with Zsófia Sztranyák and Katalin Tesch.   The Theremin is a sound installation for one to four players simultaneously. Four pressure plate switches are placed in a circle, and are connected to a computer via an arduino. The switches react on steps: every time someone stands up on any of them, a female voice starts to play. The pitches she “sings” in loop are tones of a certain arabic musical sequence, the kurd tetrachord. Depending on how many people and for how long play at a time, an endlessly transforming, eternal chanting is created.

I was invited as an artistic facilitator to the Survival Kit for Virtual Reality workshop in Mykolajiv between 1-3th of May 2015.        

This performance is based on biosensors like ECG what measures the pulse of the dancer, and some EMG sensors to measure curtain muscle movements. These data are visualised realtime while the performer dances, generated graphics are mixed with prerecorded videos as a vj-act on the stage. It is created by both of the dancer and the VJ.

Created by Julanna Lackó and me. (2014) This work is a based on our research about behaviour of vehicle and bike drivers and pedestrians in different countries and cultures. This is a first installation is this isseu. Our goal is to create an interactive installation, a kind of game, where tha participant allowed to interact with one of the tree type of the element or object in random order. The simulated and abstracted environment is projected to the floor. The participant takes part in this situation with full body. Her/his behaviour is analised during the process of contact with the other elements. In this installation we created an abstacted map, putted it on the wall. In front of it we placed an android tablet to allow of reach our selected video documentations.