interactive sound installation (2015) @ Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary Created in collaboration with Zsófia Sztranyák and Katalin Tesch.   The Theremin is a sound installation for one to four players simultaneously. Four pressure plate switches are placed in a circle, and are connected to a computer via an arduino. The switches react on steps: every time someone stands up on any of them, a female voice starts to play. The pitches she “sings” in loop are tones of a certain arabic musical sequence, the kurd tetrachord. Depending on how many people and for how long play at a time, an endlessly transforming, eternal chanting is created.

I was invited as an artistic facilitator to the Survival Kit for Virtual Reality workshop in Mykolajiv between 1-3th of May 2015.        

This performance is created as my main project at the Doctoral Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, where I made practise based research. My theme is the new technologies in fine arts, above all the biofeedback-art. (2015)

Created by Julanna Lackó and me. (2014) This work is a based on our research about behaviour of vehicle and bike drivers and pedestrians in different countries and cultures. This is a first installation is this isseu. Our goal is to create an interactive installation, a kind of game, where tha participant allowed to interact with one of the tree type of the element or object in random order. The simulated and abstracted environment is projected to the floor. The participant takes part in this situation with full body. Her/his behaviour is analised during the process of contact with the other elements. In this installation we created an abstacted map, putted it on the wall. In front of it we placed an android tablet to allow of reach our selected video documentations.    

I was involved in this project based cooperation in the end of 2014. ‘Weight of Words is an interactive art installation/experiment/performance setting out to explore alternative, unusual and futuristic communication methods between people. By use of brain-to-computer interfaces and virtual reality devices, two participants are connected in a new kind of social situation which is digital by nature. From this standpoint, new light is cast on the ideas of mutual respect, trust, honesty and cooperation.

-Augmented reality technologies in AR Lab’s projects -Psychology of VR technology   presented at Capa Center 02.2015  

Non-invasive biosensors in artworks presented at Audiovisual Open Studios Budapest in 2012 at Capa Center in 2015   

“ART VISION VJ (VJ’s Battle Contest) is a contest/battle between VJs at which contestants will demonstrate 15 minute VJ-sets representing video content with background music mix. Video content means 2D-3D light color projections on physical urban objects considering their geometry and positioning. Music mix as well as video content should be prepared by each contestant in advance. During demonstration of works with background music mixes at the competition a Festival DJ will be engaged. The venue of ART VISION VJ Competition will be the facade of Pavilion 32 and Rocket Monument at VDNH Exhibition Center . Russian and international creative teams, design studios, students, professional organizations etc. may take part in the Competition.” (2014)  

A couple of friends and me made something cool at the DMX workshop, using Vezér 1.3 and two addressable LED strips. (2014) credits:Andrea Sztojánovits, Gabor Borosi, Ivo Kovacs, Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Luma Beamerz, Tamás Herczeg, Réka Harsányi More about Vezér app: and

The REact is a work-in-progress, interactive performance piece by AntiNode in which a DJ (Swim the Shine) and a VJ (Réka Harsányi) create a coherent audiovisual experience with real-time audience interaction. The first public demonstration of the ideas behind their exciting project took place at Kocka on 5th of April. The audience came to try out the technology and took centre stage while interacted with the visual presentation. (May 2014)