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I graduated as a media designer at MOME in 2007. After the scool I tried myself in a few areas, I made a cd-rom and website designs. But I was a digital film editor and a rotoscope artist as well. In 2008 I won a fellowship in the Kitchen Budapest, after a short break I went back and started to work for them as a media designer. The last 5 years I spent there (until Aug 2013). My main tasks were to make presentations by prezi.com to Magyar Telekom’s employees. I love those of them to which I drew special graphic styles. Additionally I designed logos, brochures, electric car wrapping. So usually I use several softwares. But how did I come up with dealing with interaction design?

I’m attending the Doctoral Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, my research theme is Sensor based interactive installations within New technologies in Fine Art. I do practice based research, what means I also create artworks. So in the last few years I was absorbed in human-computer interaction, object-based interface prototypes and bio-sensors. Although some of my works aren’t made for commercial use, the main questions during creation are the same:

  • Why anyone would want to try it?
  • How can anyone understand the functions just by looking at
    (without reading the description about it)?
  • What kind of visual elements should I use to make my installation remembered?
  • What kind of content should the work include to feel people satisfied after usage?

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