Reka Harsanyi DLA, media design

physical interaction, performance, creative coding, vj


  • February: “Nina” biofeedback dance perfromance (Connected Bodies Team)  as part of “Broken” projects (Supported by: NKA Táncművészet Kollégium).
  • September: “Connected Feelings” biofeedback performance (Connected Bodies Team, PREMIERE at L1 Dance Fest, MAMÜ Galery (Supported by: NKA Táncművészet Kollégium)
  • August: “Connected Feelings” biofeedback performance (Connected Bodies Team), work-in-progress presentation Broken Projects in Artus
  • “Connected Feelings / ” biofeedback performance (Connected Bodies Team), multimedia version, SmART! Xtra / Open Data by Let it Be! at “Bánkitó Fesztivál”
  • “Birth” biofeedback performance (Connected Bodies Team), SmART! Xtra at Art & Science conference, ELTE TTK
  • “Connected Feelings” biofeedback performance (Connected Bodies Team), work-in-progress presentation, SmART! Xtra at Trafo House, Budapest


  • “Ego-World” biofeedback performance (Connected Bodies Team), Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest



  • coming in September: ALFA, brainwave based video installation (2012) at smART! XTRA // SENSORS @ European Researchers’ Night, Trafo House
  • “Usage of Biosensors in artworks”  SmART! Xtra / Open Data by Let it Be! at “Bánkitó Fesztivál” – pop up exhibition
  • “Usage of Brainwave sensors in artworks” SmART! Xtra at Art & Science conference, ELTE TTK
  • “Biofeedback based artworks” DLA research topic, at TMIT FUTURE INTERNET SEMINAR, BME


  • “Birth – biofeedback performance” (ENG) at Pecha Kucha Night Budapest / SZIGET Special Edition
  • “Biofeedback and audio-visuality – sensor based multimedia projects” (HU), Riders on the Mall, Budapest
  • “Biofeedback Art” (HU) at Pecha Kucha Night Budapest Vol.48_Material Edition
  • “Biofeedback-projects by Réka Harsányi” presentation (HU) at SmART! Xtra / Augmented Body at Trafo House, Budapest


  • “Non-invasive biosensors in artworks” (HU), Capa Center, Budapest
  •  “Technology of AR and psychology of VR” (HU), Capa Center, Budapest (in collaboration with Rebeka Mancsiczky and Orsolya Kasza)
  •  “Conception of artworks” (ENG), Survival Kit for Virtual Reality Workshop, Mykolaiv


  • “Non-invasive biosensors in artworks” (HU), Audiovisual Open Studios Budapest

[Solo Exhibitions]
  • 2012 “To be on razor-thin” solo exhibition at Labor (Budapest, Hungary)

[Exhibitions, Festivals, Screenings]
  • “Broken O Event – installation, performances, political poetics”, Artus Studio, Budapest
  • “Riders on the Mall” Festival, Müszi, Budapest
  • “Broken Z Event – installation, performances, political poetics”, Artus Studio, Budapest
  • “Csoport” team exhibition, The Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA), Budapest
  • ART VISION VJ (VJ’s Battle Contest) at Circle of Light Moscow International Festival
  • “The State of Things” group exhibition (Várgaléria, Veszprém)
  • “Error and Co.” group exhibition, Villa Vermes (Dunajská Streda)
  • “DART’S User Experience” group exhibition  (Cyberpunk DIY worlds / Csikász  Gallery, Veszprém)
  • „Sense” interactive mapped video installation at „CYBER INDIVIDUALISM” exhibition room, LPM Budapest showcase by Vj Torna International and AV Open Studios in collaboration with Vj Centrum
  • „Ecce homo” lenticular print series at „Encoded pictures” group exhibition at Akvárium Klub, Budapest


  • „Alpha” brainwave based interactive installation at Audiovisual Open Days 1. – presentations and exhibition by Audiovisual Open Studios Budapest
  • “Hommage a Cage” interactive sound installation at LPM Roma, Live Performers Meeting /exhibition room
  • “Hommage a Cage” interactive sound installation at „Where the deleted files will be?” LPM Budapest /exhibition room


  • “Aritmia-2011” group exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art – Dunaujvaros
  • “Works made by human intervention” group exhibition at “Paksi Képtár” in Hungary


  • “Pure Spirit” group exhibition, Spiritusz Galery (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “D’ARTS” digital media festival and exhibition (Veszprém, Hungary)


  • “World One Minutes” Beijing Today Art Museum, (Beijing, China)
  • “World One Minutes” Flemish-Dutch Cultural Center De Buren, (Brussels, Belgium)
  • “World One Minutes” in “Videominuto festival”, Luigi Pecci Center for contemporary art (Prato, Italy)
  • “Girls in Kitchen” group exhibition Kitchen Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)


  • “HELIX” video screening, Tabán cinema (Budapest, Hungary), Stiege Kultur Klub  (Vienna, Austria), OTKO TV
  • “Homage a Cage” interactive sound installation (degree work) (21. World Scout  Jamboree 2007, England)
  • “Subjective-Objective” collective video exhibition, Várfok Gallery (Budapest)


  • “Emergeandsee” international short film festival
  • “VENTIL” collective exhibition, Locus 010 (Rotterdam / Netherlands)
  • “BPS2/ Budapest street > Flyers & Visual Gallery” (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “The One Minutes Awards” video screening (Amsterdam, Nederland)


  • “Best of MOME” short film screening, Sziget Festival / „Octopus” Premise of Arts (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “ARC” video festival (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “Cross the limit” group exhibition, Institute of contemporary art  (Dunaújváros, Hungary)
  • “KULTURAXE” video screening (Vienna, Austria)
  • “V. Bőrgyári Capriccio” video screening (Székesfehérvár, Hungary)


  • “Emergeandsee” international short film festival
  • “The Sziget is traveling” short film screening, Sziget Festival / „Octopus”  Premise of Arts (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “ARC” video festival (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “Best of MOME” short film screening, Millenáris Park (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “Water” group exhibition, Pit Club (Budapest, Hungary)


  • “Challenging Images” group photo-exhibition (Aschaffenburg, Newbridge, Pisa, Miskolc)

  • 2010-2016 Doctoral Programme of Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, research theme: New technologies in art installations, biofeedback based conceptions
  • 2001-2007 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (HU), media design degree at visual communication department
  • 2005 Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam (NL), media design program


  • 2011-2013 Researcher Fellowship from Doctoral Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
  • 01-03.2008 Researcher in Kitchen Budapest, Hungary
  • 02-06.2005 Erasmus Fellowship, Willem de Kooning Academie, Dept. of Media, Rotterdam, Netherland

  • 2007 Audi and Várfok Galery, comic strips competition, 3rd prize (Budapest, Hungary)
  • 2004 „New trends in the fine arts” / competition of MINISTRY OF INFORMATICS AND COMMUNICATIONS / HUNGARY, 2nd place (interactive video)
  • 1998 „Europe at School” / 1st place (Miskolc, Hungary)

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